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In April 2010, Dianna visited Florida to enjoy the sun and the beautiful white beaches along the Gulf Coast.  This is a ritual shared by many who live in the northeastern part of the US and need an escape from the cold to pay tribute to the sun.

As many may recall, it was during this same time that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill) occurred. The spill continued to flow into the Gulf of Mexico unabated for over three months and marked the largest oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.  The spill caused extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitats.  To this day, the full damage of this immense spill is still not known.  Even more disturbing is oil is still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico as of December 2012, yet officials are unable to identify the source.

In an attempt to save the images of the elegant Gulf, which was still thriving with life and health at that time, Dianna took hundreds of marsh, coastal, and water photographs.  She was moved by the beauty of the Gulf and at the same time was deeply concerned by the looming threat that was in the distant Gulf waters.

We have just one Earth – one planet that we all must share and nurture. Disasters like the BP Oil Spill and other upcoming tragedies like global warming are destroying nature’s precious gifts and jeopardizing lives.

Dianna painted, Save Me, as a tribute to the Florida salt marshes and coastlines.  She hopes that when we see the beauty in the salt marsh water art that we will pause and remember these precious gifts of nature are essential to us all.  To see other water art pieces, visit 5 Element Studio’s Water Art Gallery.

Save Me - Marsh Art - Water Art

Save Me

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