Spirit Art – John Doe

Dianna earned her bachelors degree of fine art from Moore College, located in Center City, Philadelphia.  She learned early on that her education was not confined to the boundaries of her college campus and learned much about the human spirit within the city itself.

Each day as Dianna walked to school, she passed a homeless man outside of Logan Square.  Over time, she named him John Doe.  She learned that John lived in an alley between two buildings off of Cherry Street near the college.

One morning she noticed him crawling and struggling in the middle of a crosswalk.  People rushed by him on their way to work without seeming to notice or care.  The light turned green for the opposing traffic and John continued to struggle in the middle of the intersection.  Clearly frightened and disoriented, he surrendered to the confusion and laid down in the middle of intersection blocking oncoming traffic.

John Doe - Commissioned Art - Original ArtDianna was shocked that people did not seem to care that another human being was struggling and in danger.  She ran into the crosswalk, lifted him up, and helped him to safety on the side of the street.  Full of gratitude yet too weak to speak, he began to cry. Dianna was deeply touched and profoundly moved.

In that moment, Dianna realized that beauty is in everyone and in all things.  We either choose to see it or we choose to ignore it.  To see beauty, it’s not how wide we open our eyes – it’s how wide we open our hearts.


John Doe

Dianna painted John Doe to capture his spirit.  Her spirit art collection captures those moments when we realize we are all connected – we all have feelings – we all want joy.  To see other spirit art pieces, please go to 5 Element’s Spirit Art Gallery.

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