Fire Art – Crabby

Dianna spends a lot of time in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware during the summer.  It’s a perfect place for an artist who is inspired by nature.  There she would take longs walks along the beach in the early morning hours as the sun unveiled itself across the horizon and escorted in the new day.  Other than a solitary dog walker or two, the beach was usually hers.

One morning as she walked along the shore, a large wave marking the start of high tide washed up on the beach.  She stood as the water fanned over her legs and splashed her clothes.  As the water hurried back out to sea, she saw that the wave left a visitor standing right in front of her. Its powerful claws were raised and it was clearly ready to defend his beach.  As Dianna stepped to the side, the blue crab scurried sideways blocking her path.  As she stepped back, the crab raised his claws even higher signaling that it was not going to back down.  She admired the crab’s fire and courage to stand its ground in the face of uncertainly.  Then just as fast as the crab appeared, it disappeared into the water as the next wave washed it back to sea.

The image the blue crab’s courage did not leave Dianna’s mind.  She was inspired to paint the blue crab to honor the crab’s strength and fire energy for her fire art gallery.  She called this piece of fire art, Crabby.  She later learned that the colorful crab she saw was most likely a female crab since the mature females tend to have red tips on their claws similar to the one she saw.  She couldn’t help but smile to herself in admiration – you go, girl.

Crabby - Beach Art - Blue Crab - Sand

Crabby by Dianna Poindexter

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