Earth Art – Beyond the Trees

Sometimes when we look at landscapes, we see not only what is directly before our eyes, but we also see and imagine the landscape’s history and story. Such was the case when Dianna saw a freshly harvested field of grain in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, in mid-September.

She was driving along a rural road and had to look twice to prove to herself that what she was seeing was real. The scene resembled something from one of John Steinbeck’s novels that included a well-groomed landscape with Sugar Maple trees gathered right in the middle of the field. The serenity of the view was so enticing that Dianna decided to pull over to the side of the road and take in the beauty that stood before her.

Beyond the Trees - Earth Art - Landscape - Trees


The view was stunning and infinite.  She wondered why and was thankful that the magnificent trees were spared when the land was cultivated for farming. Dianna pictured picnics under the trees on hot summer days. In the distance, beyond the tress, were more fields of grain as far as the eye could see – and another gathering of magnificent trees peeking over the horizon.


Beyond the Trees by Dianna Poindexter

Dianna captured this moment in her work titled, Beyond the Trees.  This piece of earth art gives the feeling of boundless energy while at the same time provides a charming depiction of our farmlands.  Some have commented to Dianna that this piece of earth art has the feeling and look of an Italian vineyard after harvest.

To see other earth art pieces created by Dianna Poinexter, visit 5 element studio’s Earth Art gallery to enjoy other vast views of spectacular landscapes.

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