Inspiration – Dragonflies

Dianna Poindexter has always been fascinated with the symbolism of the Dragonfly. For her, the meaning of Dragonfly and her journey to create Dragonfly Art is a very personal one and one that inspired her collection, Winds of Change.

It began in February of 2008 when she had an unusual dream about an Orange Dragonfly dancing through the air twisting, turning and hovering above a body of water.  The dream was so mysterious that she felt an overwhelming desire to paint it.  It was a natural evolution for Dianna, a landscape artist, to be compelled to paint this creature considering that most of her work centers around wetlands and coastal landscapes.

After days of obsessing over the meaning of her dream, Dianna spoke to an artist friend who encouraged her to follow her intuition and explore something “new”.   She followed his advice and immersed herself in folklore and images of the dragonfly.

After two short weeks of researching this new subject, Dianna’s mother called to inform her that her father had a massive stroke and to come home immediately. Sadly, one week later with family by his side, her father passed away.  She was completely devastated.

A few days after she returned home, she decided to go to the gym to release some stress.  She parked her car next to a snow bank and turned the car’s engine off. As she grabbed her key, she looked outside the window and to her surprise there was an Orange Dragonfly hovering directly in front of her. They were face to face and she sat mesmerized wondering what a dragonfly was doing in a parking lot in the middle of winter! They stared at each other for 10 minutes before realizing the Dragonfly was her father’s spirit.  He represented the brightness of transformation and the wonder of a colorful new vision.  This was a defining moment in her life and started her path to healing.

While the dragonfly lives a short life, it knows it must live it’s life to the fullest with the short time it has — which is a lesson for all of us!

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