Air Art – Cloud 17

Diana Poindexter is originally from Arizona, home of some of the most magnificent landscapes and breathtaking skies.  As a child, she would lay on her back and watch the clouds as they danced, swirled, then slowly melted across the sky changing form as they came together.  As children, most of us imagined the possibilities as our head pointed towards the sky.  We spied dragons, dogs, faces, and other familiar formations.  And these formations would come to life at various moments with the wind.  Regardless of her vantage point, Dianna could always find life and beauty in the clouds.

Air Art - Cloud 17As an adult and a landscape artist, Dianna continues to see and capture the beauty in the sky.  Her air art consists mostly of clouds combined with brilliant sunlight.

In her work titled, Cloud 17, she captures the beauty of the northeastern sky. Her cloud art represents vastness, endless possibilities and vision.  Many people decorate their offices with Dianna’s air art as a symbol of this.


Cloud 17

Her cloud art is so brilliant that it’s hard to comprehend that the work is an oil painting rather than a photograph.  To see other stunning cloud art pieces by Dianna Poindexter, visit 5 Element’s Air Art Gallery.

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