Dianna Poindexter 

Dianna Poindexter, artist, painting a custom portrait

Dianna Poindexter’s paintings of landscapes and Nature are realistic impressions of the spirit.  The Pennsylvania artist thinks of herself as a colorist.  A native of the Southwest she was born in Scottsdale Arizona and grew up near the Red Rocks of Sedona, which will always have a huge place in her heart.  Though she loved the beauty of the small town, she always knew that one day she would live in a big city somewhere on the East Coast.   After living in a few Cities throughout the Mid-West, Dianna was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live in Philadelphia PA with her partner who was attending Medical School.  She spent 6 years in the City of Brotherly Love enjoying Sunday strolls along Kelly Drive, First Fridays in Old City and Live Music at the Tin Angel.  Although Philly is known for its rich history and food, it was the ART that Dianna fell in love with.

Trips to Museums in Philly, NYC and DC helped round out her cultural experience while attending Moore College of Art & Design, where she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Painting and Sculpture.    Dianna now lives in Bethlehem, PA, a short ride away from NYC where she continues to be inspired by the creative energy of her fellow artists.


Dianna creates large-scale, colorful works that are painted with Winsor Newton Oils and Pen & Ink washes.  Most of her paintings are of images found in Nature as emphasized through Coastal & Vanishing Landscapes. Though her paintings and drawings are realistic she considers herself to be a colorist most of all.  For her, color comes first and composition second.  Mixing palettes has always been the most important part of the creative process.  Color is what makes the painting come alive.  She also tries to capture the emotions of the subjects she is painting.  Capturing the essence of the spirit is what moves the viewer creating a connection between the artist and the subject.  All of her work is derived from reference material, memory and intuition.


Dianna Poindexter Oil Painter



Poindexter’s work can be found at Corkran Gallery, RAL, Rehoboth Beach, DE.  She exhibited her work in Bethlehem Fox Optical Gallery, The Rotunda, Fines Arts Commission and TC Gallery.  She has participated in numerous Group exhibits regionally and is a Member of Rehoboth Arts League and Bethlehem Palette Club.   Her work can be found in several private collections, public art collections at Crime Victims Council and Aston Middle School District.  She was published in 2012 in Studio Visit Magazine, Vol. 16; My Dragonfly Series.  She received Outstanding Community Service Award in the Lehigh Valley and a scholarship from Art Forms Gallery in Manyunk PA.


Painting is my passion! A friend once told me; “You are so fortunate to be able to see the beauty in the world and then share it with others through your art!”…. I have always been compelled to paint images in nature and life that move me emotionally.   My intention is to capture the beauty and essence of my subject that is often times overlooked.  I am motivated by music, particularly Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul, R&B and Classical Guitar.  To keep inspired, I spend a lot of time in Natural environments that include; trips to Coastal regions exploring the Wetlands and Shorelines – focusing on the landscape and the elements that are unique to these diverse environments.  Likewise, I cherish quality time with Friends & Family and have a happy heart taking long hikes with my dogs in local, state and national parks….

From a very young age I always allowed my “feelings” to lead the way to a painting or drawing…. One of my earliest memories was winning First Place for painting a picture of the school playground in our Annual Art Competition at Our Lady of Perpetual Help AKA — “Old Ladies Poker House”!  As a kindergartner – beating out the 5th graders was a pretty big deal!  As I got older I continued to paint being drawn towards subjects that I found interesting from old shoes and abandoned cars to people and animals in nature.

College helped improve my technical skills as a painter – more importantly it taught me how to paint from my intuition.  It gave me the awareness to capture the beauty in ordinary objects thru movement color and light.

The painting titled John Doe, was motivated out of compassion for a homeless man who I encountered while studying at Moore College.  I would pass him every day on my way to class.  John lived in an alley between two buildings off of Cherry Street around the corner from Moore College.  One morning I noticed him crawling and struggling in the middle of a cross walk as people rushed by him to get to work.  The light turned green for the opposing traffic and John was still in the middle of the intersection laying down and frozen like a deer in headlights.  Shocked that people were oblivious to him I ran out into the cross walk, lifted him up and helped him to the curb.  Full of gratitude and too weak to speak he began to cry.  I was deeply touched and profoundly moved.  In that moment, I realized; BEAUTY is everywhere and in all things — in order to see it, one must open the HEART!

That was a defining moment in my life that changed the way I look at things and the way I create art today – connecting my intuition and affection towards the subject matter which I paint.


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